Dansen beginnend met F

Far from the charts Improver 2-muurs 64 An & Bruno Far from the charts, The Lennerockers
Feel free Intermediate partner 72 Bill Gallagher Tequila sunrise, Alan Jackson
Finger Lickin' Beginner 4-muurs 32 Karen Hedges & Jamie Marshall It was an absolutely finger lickin grits and chicken country music love song, Bomshel
Fire & lace Intermediate 2-wall 64 The dreamers Cotton, Gary Fjellgaard & Linda Kidder
Fisher's hornpipe Beginner 4-muurs 32 Val Reeves Fisher's hornpipe, David Schnaufer
Fly high Intermediate 4-muurs 64 Maggie Gallagher Let me go, Gary Barlow
Fly like a bird Intermediate 2-muurs 32 Hedy McAdams Fly like a bird, Boz Scaggs
Foolish heart Easy intermediate 4-muurs 32 Robbie McGowan Hickie Don't pretend with me, Vince Gill
Footboogie Beginner 2-muurs 32 Ryan Dobry Baby likes to rock it, The Tractors
Fresh start Intermediate 2-muurs 68 Bruno Morel Into the wind, Brenn Hill